Lohri 2019: 5 Foods That Come To Mind When We Think Of This Harvest Festival

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Lohri 2019 is just around the corner and we cannot be more excited. The Punjabi festival is all about bonhomie and togetherness. The traditions of this harvest festival are quite lively and soulful. On Lohri, people in North India offer their thanks to the God for the crops before they start to harvest them. People from the community gather around a bonfire – which signifies Agni (the God of Fire) – and offer prayers, sing folk songs, dance and put in the first crop of the winter season into it. The tradition of offering foods to the holy bonfire is considered quite auspicious, especially for newly-weds and for parents who are blessed with newborns.

Here are 5 foods that come to mind when we think of this harvest festival:

1. Pinni

Also known as atta ladoos, pinni is a rich Punjabi dessert made with wheat flour, milk, sugar syrup, dry fruits, nuts and desi ghee (clarified butter). Pinni is one of the winter favourites of people from North India, and is prepared at home for birthdays, marriages and even religious gatherings like Lohri.

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2. Gajak

A confection made by mixing a variety of nuts, dried fruits, sugar syrup, ghee and khoya. There are various kinds of gajak that are savoured by North Indians during Lohri like gur gajak (made of jaggery instead of sugar) and safed gajak (made of sesame seeds and white sugar).

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3. Chikki

Chikki is one of the most favourite Lohri-special treats, which is prepared using peanuts and jaggery. Other than the peanut chikki, there are some other varieties of chikkis that are also enjoyed by the people during Lohri like til (sesame seeds) ki chikki, dry fruits chikki, murmure ki chikki and kaju ki chikki. These yummy delights are specially made to celebrate many Indian festivals, including Makar Sakranti and Holi.

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4. Rewari

These bite-sized yummy sweet treats are the second best thing to eat after chikki. Made of jaggery and sesame seeds, rewari is enjoyed along popcorns and peanuts. Rewaris are not only good in taste, but also keep you away from cold by keeping body warm from within- all thanks to sesame seeds and jaggery.

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5. Makke Ki Roti With Sarso Ka Saag

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One of the most famous Punjabi staples, makke ki roti and sarso ka saag topped with a dollop of white butter will be our go-to meal during Lohri. Not only is this a healthy meal (thanks to palak and makka), but also is an ultimate winter comfort food. A traditional Lohri dinner is never complete without this lip-smacking dish.

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Go on and try these yummy delights this Lohri. If you think that we have missed out on any Lohri-special food, then let us know in the comment section below.

There are other harvest festivals that are celebrated in other parts of the country during the same time, including Pongal in South India, Bhogi in Andhra Pradesh, Bhogali Bihu in Assam and Makar Sankranti in varius states.

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