“Like A Teeny-Weeny Bikini”: Flight Attendant Cracks Up Passengers

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Flight attendant Daniel Sandberg is only heard while his colleague demonstrates to passengers.

Minutes before a plane was about to take-off from Orlando, passengers were laughing heartily; thanks to a hilarious flight attendant who gave a very unique spin to the usual instructions before take-off. He is winning the internet after a woman on the flight posted a video three-minute video from the flight.

The video, shared by a passenger named Cindy Kahun has been viewed 13 million times on Facebook. The flight attendant, Daniel Sandberg has since then been showered with praises for making a boring flight fun.

Mr Sandberg begins his fun tutorial by describing safety jackets as "teeny-weeny bikinis with polka dots" as a woman flight attendant demonstrates and tries to hold her laughter. He goes on to say that the jacket is equipped with a water-activated light that he had no idea "how it even works".

He then moves on to oxygen masks and advises passengers to adjust their own masks before their husbands' who are "definitely screaming louder than them". Anyway, those only those who pay $49 dollars will get any oxygen, he jokes. There is uproarious laughter throughout the video.

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"Smoking cigarettes is not allowed unless you are smoking-hot like me", he says mischievously. Before signing off, there is a sarcastic "good luck" for passengers who did not pay attention to him.

People have been sharing the video on twitter and lauding the way he cleverly got passengers to pay attention to him. "And that, my friends, is how you get people to actually listen to safety instructions", one user wrote. "Hey Ellen DeGeneres take a look at this video!! People are loving it", another user said.

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