KCR Running Dictatorial Rule In Telangana: Congress’ Prithviraj Chavan

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Mr Chavan said that the upcoming polls would be fought over the 'misrule' of KCR (File)


Charging caretaker Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao with running a dictatorial and one-family rule in Telangana, senior Congress leader Prithviraj Chavan Sunday exuded confidence that the Congress led alliance would win the December 7 assembly polls and form the next government.

Speaking to reporters, he alleged that the promises made to the people in the run up to the 2014 elections were just to garner votes and added that the coming polls would be fought over the 'misrule' of KCR, as Mr Rao is popularly known, government.

"The last four-and-half-years of KCR government was nothing but a tragedy for the people of Telangana…it has been a complete dictatorial and one-family rule, where all the promises made before 2014 elections were not fulfilled," Mr Chavan, who was also a former Union Minister, said.

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Mr Chavan claimed that the present mood in Telangana was that the TRS government would lose and Congress would come to power and with that misery of people will end.

"This hidden alliance between TRS-MIM and also BJP will be exposed by the people," the former Maharashtra Chief Minister said.

"We will expose the BJP at the national level and the hidden alliance of KCR and BJP in Telangana, MrChavan said.

He claimed that the previous Congress government had taken up several developmental, infrastructure works and created jobs in united Andhra Pradesh (before creation of Telangana).

Mr Chavan alleged that none of the promises made by KCR, like making a Dalit the Chief Minister, grant of three acre agriculture land to Dalit families, 12 per cent reservation to minorities, tribals and resolving the unemployment issue were not fulfilled.

"Similarly, health and education system is in a shambles and there is a shortage of medicines, doctors and nurses..free education from KG to PG as promised by KCR remains unfulfilled," he alleged and added that there was also no transparency in governance.

"Promises were made to get votes, but when it came to delivery, it has been a complete failure. The coming election is going to be based on the promises made by TRS and KCR to the people of Telangana," Mr Chavan added.

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