Is the Big Boss house haunted?

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Is the Big Boss house haunted? Is the Big Boss house haunted? Source : Press

If you have seen Big boss season 9, you might be aware of the 'Haunted House' task that was given to contestants. Seems like some spirit took the task way too seriously and has been haunting contestants now. Yes, you read that right. There are reports claiming that the house is haunted by a lady. There have been some unexplained movements and actitvities which can simply be termed as paranormal. And its not only the contestants who have claimed so, ex big boss crew members have also witnessed some lady walking around the house at night. In fact there is a picture making rounds on the internet too, which shows a shadow present in the house, while the contestants are asleep. Check it out.


The contestants have also claimed of how scared they were to use the loo at night, not only that but also reports of a lady sitting on their chest and making them feel suffocated have also been made. In fact there were rumors of an ex big boss contestant being posessed by a ghost and when the other house members came to the constestants rescue, the 'posessed' contestant apparently fainted. Now, this sure sounds horrific.

Although later in an interview with a leading news channel, a big boss specialist Dale Bhagwagar had some other story to say, this is what he said "There is absolutely no possibility that the Bigg Boss house can be haunted. The BB house is all woods and cupboards. There is nothing that is static in the house. Except for the area in bathroom where the taps and all are there, there is nothing that is permanent. So ghosts, spirits can never be there.” That sure makes sense now. But that does not stop us from being curious about the paranormal claims being made. Lets see if this 10th season is able to reveal something or not.

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