Is Rohit Suchanti the reason behind Srishty Rode and Manish Naggdev’s break-up?

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Is Rohit Suchanti the reason behind Srishty Rode and Manish Naggdev's break-up?

As we all saw a brewing friendship between Rohit Suchanti and Srishty Rode, so is the actor a real reason behind her breakup with Manish Naggdev.

Is Rohit Suchanti the reason behind Srishty Rode And Manish Naggdev break up? Source : press

We saw a love track between the contestants Srishty Rode and Rohit Suchanti in Big Boss 12 but none of them accepted it. In fact, Srishty has always kept saying inside the house that she is happily engaged with her boyfriend Manish Nagdev.

Now there are rumours that Srishty and Manish have parted ways. Yes! Manish has unfollowed Shritshy on Instagram recently that had raised many eyebrows.

It is said that the reason behind their break up is none other than Rohit Suchati. Lately, Shrishty was seen parting with Rohit during New Year's Eve and we noticed Manish was missing.

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Though in his previous interview Manish reacted to Srishty and Rohit's bonding in the house he said "Rohit has expressed his feeling for her on a decent way as a normal person would do and Shrishty with all dignity and grace, showed her loyalty and told everyone that she is not interested in him(Rohit Suchanti). She didn't hate it or disliked him. In fact, she maintained a great bond with him and continued her friendship". Check out his full interview below.

Well, The couple has been together for over 4 years they got engaged on February 15, 2017. Both Srishty or Manish hasn't confirmed they're breakup yet. but if the rumors are true that it will really be shocking news for all their fans.

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