Indonesia Earthquake, Tsunami Updates: Number Of Dead Increases To 832

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832 people have died due to the earthquake and tsunami that hit Palu in Indonesia

New Delhi:

The number of dead from an earthquake and tsunami in Indonesia rose to 832 today, the national mitigation agency said. The agency said that it assessed the affected area to be bigger than initially thought. The 7.5 magnitude earthquake and the tsunami that followed hit the city of Palu, which is about 1,500 km from Jakarta, on Friday. Hundreds of people had gathered for a festival on the beach in Palu when waves as high as 18 feet smashed onshore at dusk, sweeping many to their death.

Here are the updates on the Indonesia earthquake and tsunami:

Sep 30, 201813:27 (IST) With most of the confirmed deaths from Palu, authorities are bracing for much worse as reports filter in from outlying areas, in particular, Donggala, a region of 300,000 people north of Palu and closer to the epicentre of the quake, and two other districts.
Indonesia Finance Minister Sri Mulyani Indrawati says the government has allocated 560 billion rupiah ($37.58 million) for disaster recovery, media reported.Sep 30, 201813:22 (IST) Prime Minister Narendra Modi condoles deaths in Indonesia's earthquake and tsunami.
"Deeply saddened by the loss of lives and devastation due to tsunami and earthquake in Central Sulawesi in Indonesia. I offer deepest condolences. India stands with its maritime neighbour in this difficult hour," he said.Sep 30, 201813:11 (IST)Search and rescue workers help a person trapped in rubble following an earthquake and tsunami in Palu, Central Sulawesi, Indonesia. (Reuters Photo)
Sep 30, 201812:57 (IST) "I'm asking my brothers to all be ready to work day and night and to finish everything related to the evacuation," President Joko Widodo — decked out in military fatigues — told troops deployed to Sulawesi island.
"Ready?" he asked. "Ready!" they shouted in response.Sep 30, 201812:44 (IST) President Joko Widodo arrived Sunday in Indonesia's quake and tsunami-devastated city of Palu, urging a non-stop recovery effort after the disaster killed more than 800 people.Sep 30, 201812:40 (IST) Indonesian president Joko Widodo was expected to travel to the region to see the devastation for himself on Sunday.Sep 30, 201812:40 (IST)In Palu city on Sunday aid was trickling in, the Indonesian military had been deployed and search-and-rescue workers were doggedly combing the rubble for survivors — looking for as many as 150 people at one upscale hotel alone.
"We managed to pull out a woman alive from the Hotel Roa-Roa last night," Muhammad Syaugi, head of the national search and rescue agency, told AFP. "We even heard people calling for help there yesterday."
"What we now desperately need is heavy machinery to clear the rubble. I have my staff on the ground, but it's impossible just to rely on their strength alone to clear this."Sep 30, 201812:40 (IST) Indonesian vice-president Jusuf Kalla said the final number of dead could be in the "thousands."Sep 30, 201812:39 (IST)Death toll from a powerful earthquake and tsunami in Indonesia touched 832.
The new toll announced by the national disaster agency was almost double the previous figureNo more content CommentsSource Article

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