Hyderabad Cops Create Green Corridor, Heart Reaches Patient In 7 Minutes

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Heart was successfully transplanted into 47-year-old patient.


The Hyderabad Traffic police on Thursday provided a green channel to an ambulance for the speedy transportation of a heart. The swift mobilisation helped the doctors of Care Hospital to successfully transplant a live heart into 47-year-old Meka Adilakshmi.

The vehicle carrying the heart travelled a distance of 8 kilometres in seven minutes. The medical team carrying the organ left Yashoda Hospital in Secunderabad at 12.46 pm and reached Care Hospital in Nampally at 12.53 pm.

As per Additional Traffic Commissioner of Hyderabad, Anil Kumar, the traffic cops provided a green channel for taking the heart of 51-year-old Manjushri from Yashoda Hospital to Care Hospital.

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The family members of Meka Adilakshmi and staff of Care Hospitals praised the efforts of Hyderabad Traffic Police for aiding the speedy transportation of the heart.

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