House Tipped Over By Hurricane Gets Flipped Right Back Up With Jeeps

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Around a dozen jeeps worked to put the mobile home right again.

Last Sunday, a jeep club came to the rescue of a couple whose mobile home was tipped over by the winds of Hurricane Michael. According to Jalopnik, Dereck and Andrea Clifton of Florida were left with their possessions scattered inside their upside down house after it was knocked over three weeks ago. They were told it would take $12,000 to have it righted.

However, in a stroke of luck for the Panama City couple, a jeep club came to their rescue.

Fox News reports that when Dereck's friend heard of his predicament, he contacted his friends at The Bay Area Jeep Association – a club for jeep enthusiasts. The club had been helping in hurricane relief efforts by using their jeeps to drag trees out of the way and deliver supplies. When they heard of the Cliftons and their tipped-over home, they decided to put their winches to good use and see if they could put it right again.

And so, around a dozen Jeep CJs and Wranglers attached their cables to the home's frame and slowly cinched the lines till the house fell back onto its foundation, straight up again.

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The remarkable feat earned the Bay Area Jeep Association a lot of goodwill on Facebook, where they shared pictures from the operation.

"Awesome to see the good that the Jeep family is doing. One things that drew me deeper into the family. Thank you all for doing what you are doing," writes one person in the comments section. "This is awesome!" says another.

But nobody appreciated their effort more than Dereck. "I will always be grateful for the BAJA," he told Jalopnik. "They hold a place in my heart now. It was emotional."

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