Hong Kong Fire Service’s Bizarre Lycra-Clad Mascot Divides Internet

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Anyone has received mixed responses on social media.

The Hong Kong Fire Department's strange new mascot created quite a stir on social media – and in real life – after it was unveiled on Monday at a press conference. The mascot, covered head to toe in blue lycra, immediately drew mixed reactions from spectators and social media users. While some found the bizarre blue mascot hilarious, others were not as taken in by it.

According to local reports, the character, named "Yam Hor Yahn", Cantonese for "anyone", was created to deliver the message that anyone can help in an emergency situation.

However, Anyone did not impress everyone.

South China Morning Post reports that some social media users mocked the mascot on Facebook, where its pictures quickly went viral, collecting tens of thousands of 'shares' and reactions. Detractors said it resembled a character in some Japanese porn films – claims that even led to rumours of a possible ban on the blue man.

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However, on Wednesday, supporters of Anyone were assured that the mascot is here to stay.

"We hope residents will continue to follow Anyone's future moves," said Wade Wong Wang-leong, senior divisional officer from the Fire Services Department's new Community Emergency Preparedness Division.

"Anyone is not a mascot or spokesperson – you and I are Anyone, who can help out in the community during emergencies," he added.

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