Here’s Hina Khan’s statement on playing Komolika

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Here's Hina Khan's statement on playing Komolika Here's Hina Khan's statement on playing Komolika Source : Press

Novelties with a twist will emblem the reboot version of the iconic Kasautii Zindagii Kay. The show escalated to heights during the 2000 era with Shweta Tiwari, Cezanne Khan and Ronit Roy in the lead roles.
Hounded by speculations about the fresh cast of the reboot version of the show, the makers have managed to create enough suspense and excitement amongst the fans. Although, the fresh lead actors have sealed the deal with the makers of the show, it's time for the vamp to get revamped. Who is going to play Komolika? The question has stirred enough curiosity among the masses.
The iconic character which was originally played by Urvashi Dholakia has put the new actresses to test who wish to step into her shoes. However, as mentioned by Ekta Kapoor, only one actress has been approached for the role and Hina Khan is highly speculated to play the same in the reboot version.
According to a leading daily, Hina Khan answered to the much awaited question in disguise, she said, "I won't say it's not happening, but I suggest let's wait for the official announcement. Yes, I did go to meet Ekta and somehow people started to speculate, and it came to a point where they even confirmed that I've been roped in for the show, whereas I'm yet to sign anything. I mean you don't know what talks we exchanged in a room and how it works, so let the makers make the final announcement."
Adding further, the actress stated, "it was only after Ekta told me about it, I realised it was for Komolika's role." On being prodded about retaining the signature style of Komolika in the new show, Hina Khan said, "No, that's not going to be there and if at all it's going to happen, it is definitely going to be different than what you saw earlier. You see it's a reboot version, so it can't be the same."
Having been an ardent follower of the original show and a fan of Urvashi Dholkia, Hina Khan heaped praises over the show and its characters that successfully left a mark in the hearts of the masses during its reign in the small screen. Hina said, "I have followed Kasauti… regularly. And I've loved all the characters: Prerna, Anurag Basu, Rishabh Bajaj and, of course, Komolika – these four main characters nailed it with their performances."
Adding further, she was high on words for Urvashi Dholakia's unparalleled acting stint in the original series. Admiring the original vamp of the show, Hina Khan continued, "Urvashi is a fabulous actor. I've been a fan for what she did as Komolika. Honestly, when I'd see her on-screen, I never thought I want to play this character, because at that time, I wanted to be a journalist, not an actor. But now, as an actor, I realise that the audience is very smart to understand that the person is acting, performing and doing well.I have my plans clear now. Whatever show I pick up, I'll simultaneously do other things, too. I'm very particular about it that I'm not going to just going to stick to a daily soap because I've realised that people have accepted me in this new changed avatar also. "

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