Here Is Why Women In Australia Are Sharing Photos Of Their Bare Arms

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Patricia Karvelas shared a picture of her outfit on Twitter.

Social media users in Australia are sharing selfies with bare arms in solidarity with a journalist who was kicked out of Australia's parliament for showing too much skin. ABC Radio National presenter Patricia Karvelas was asked to leave the press gallery during Question Time at the parliament because she was showing "too much shoulder", reports ABC News.

Ms Karvelas, who was wearing a short-sleeved pantsuit at the time, posted a picture of her outfit on Twitter on Monday. "I have just been kicked out of #QT because you can allegedly see too much skin. His insane #Auspol," she wrote.

I have just been kicked out of #QT because you can allegedly see too much skin. His insane

– PatriciaKarvelas (@PatsKarvelas) December 3, 2018

Speaking to ABC News, Ms Karvelas explained that an attendant came up to her and said her clothes showed "too much shoulder" and that she "needed to cover up more".

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According to the Parliament of Australia website, standard of dress is a matter of "individual judgement", although the ultimate decision rests with the speaker, and that the "standards should involve good trousers, a jacket, collar and tie for men and a similar standard of formality for women."

"It's a pretty professional pantsuit to be honest – I quite like it. But she said that wasn't appropriate and I had to leave so I actually was marched out of Question Time," said Ms Karvelas.

This is my controversial outfit

– PatriciaKarvelas (@PatsKarvelas) December 3, 2018

Her tweet quickly gained a lot of attention, collecting over 1,500 'retweets' and twice as many 'likes'. Since then, a lot of women have come out in support of Ms Karvelas, sharing pictures of themselves with bare arms.

Lucky my bare arms and I were only teaching teenagers today and not in the press gallery…

– Elizabeth Saunders (@E_R_Saunders) December 3, 2018

Off to work. Not getting into question time today. #[email protected]/2ucgTpkg0f

– juliascott (@juliascott) December 3, 2018

Try this on for size then!

– colsi (@thecolsi) December 3, 2018


– Daisy Turnbull Brown (@MrsDzTB) December 3, 2018

In solidarity with the short sleeve breaker

– Emma Husar MP (@emmahusarmp) December 4, 2018

The incident also prompted comparisons with MP Julie Bishop, who, according to BBC, often chooses short-sleeved or sleeveless outfits during parliamentary sessions.

Julie Bishop last Monday. @PatsKarvelas this Monday.

– Airlie Walsh (@AirlieWalsh) December 3, 2018

@cpyne you mean like this?

– Trisha_NotABot (@emlafudd) December 3, 2018

ABC News reports that following Ms Karvelas's tweet, the Opposition has asked Speaker Tony Smith to investigate the incident.

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