Happy New Year 2019: Top New Year Resolutions For Upcoming Year

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Happy New Year 2019: Time to jot down your new year resolutions and sticking to them.

New Delhi:

New Year 2019 is almost here, bringing 365 hopeful days to your life. You can optimize them by resolving and committing yourselves to certain new goals. You can also promise yourself to break free from certain route habits and focus on new exploits instead. Prioritize and channelize your energies in sorting out your life a little more. Start by jotting down some of the New Year resolutions for 2019 that you are keen on taking up. Here are some top New Year resolutions that are most popular, but you can figure out your own and most importantly, stick to them, to make the coming year a truly happy new year!

Fitness goals:

Reducing weight, getting the six-pack abs or increasing your endurance, setting up fitness goals is number 1 resolution of the year for most. It can be a diet you have been wanting to follow or a morning walk that you have been postponing or simply, finding out time to sit and meditate. This is the time to write it down and be fitter this new year. The demons of the mind can only control you if you let them. So shun your inhibitions and sign up for your fitness centre.

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Travel goals:

In the fast-paced work life, travel goals often get ignored. Sometimes due to lack of company and other times due to lack of proper planning. This year, plan ahead. Write down the places you want to visit, club your long weekends, apply for leaves, talk to your friends and family in advance and book your flight tickets beforehand. A little attention in advance can help you visit the places you have always wanted to and make your vacation a dreamy one!

Relationship goals:

If you have not been a very active participant in your friends' parties, re-unions or family get-togethers, here is your chance to redeem yourself. Family and friends time should become non-negotiable in your life and you must resolve to give attention to all the people who matter in your life. Work on your relationships by healthy communication and striking a balance between your personal and professional life.

Social Media goals:

In today's world of virtual communication, don't sideline yourself from the social media game. Your posts don't have to be about everything you eat, visit or travel to, but make your social media presence felt by sharing and posting things you believe in. Expressing things out in open is sometimes very therapeutic, and you never know what may follow – an opportunity, a meeting, a long-lost friend pinging you. Being dormant on social media will not help, neither being too over-enthusiastic would. Just keep it real and share a part of your life with a close set of chosen few. A rejoinder, always make time to meet them in real life. That's still irreplaceable, isn't it?


Happy New Year 2019: Volunteer, quit bad habits and increase the quality of your life.

Experiential goals:

Life is all about experiences. While some may want to go about their routine life with minor tweaks, others may want to embrace newer challenges and activities. If you have been wanting to sky dive, learn a new musical instrument, travel solo or enroll self into a dance or art class, then wait no more and dive right into this opportunity and work on building new experiences.

Work goals:

Well, a healthy personal life translates into a better professional one and vice versa. A little ambition never hurt anyone. Try and outperform yourself and be a better disciplined, clear-headed worker this year!

With a little prioritizing and attention to self, you will be able to hear and understand yourselves better and steer your life, your way. Start jotting down your New Year resolutions and have a Happy New Year 2019.

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