Happy Birthday Prabhas: 6 Food And Fitness Secrets Of The Baahubali Actor

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You've loved seeing him swinging swords, lifting heavy stone sculptures and acing the spectacular war scenes In Baahubali. Prabhas and his enormous stunts in the series caught the fancy of the entire nation together. Never before had the country witnessed something as grand and magnanimous coming from the domestic shores. The fact the 'Baahubali 2: Conclusion' is the biggest grosser of Indian cinema till date is proof of the same. Prabhas is ringing in his 39th birthday today. Ahead of Prabhas' birthday, makers of his next film 'Saaho' are treating fans with a special video series, 'Shades of Saaho.' Shraddha Kapoor, who is starring with Prabhas in 'Saaho,' took to twitter and said, "Announcing Shades Of Saaho, a unique series unveiling fascinating tidbits of this stellar project." #ShadesofSaaho has set the twitterverse a buzz ever since the announcement.
'Saaho' is expected to hit the screens next year. Prabhas would be seen in a completely different avatar as compared to the warrior hero he played in 'Baahubali.' Did you know that for his role as 'Amarendra Baahubali' he had put on over 30 kilos?! Prabhas also visited the US where he interacted with the wrestlers of WWE to understand their extensive training regimen.
Prabhas is known to be one of the fittest actors of south Indian film industry.

Here are some of his food and fitness secrets revealed.

1. When he was preparing for his role in 'Baahubali', Prabhas trained a lot in the natural surroundings. He had even set up his own gym in his garden. His regime consisted of a lot of outdoor activities like cycling and running. Working out in open spaces lets you breathe fresh air, inflow of fresh air and being in company of nature has been linked to better physical health by many experts across globe.
2. Prabhas loves indulging in outdoor sports such as playing volleyball. According to a report, Prabhas plays with his friends whenever he gets some free time off his hand.
3. The 'Baahubali' actor worked out for 6 hours daily for his part in the magnum opus. He prefers training early in the morning. His 'Baahubali' regimen comprised one and a half hours of cardio. His focus lied mainly on muscle building.
4. Prabhas learnt deep sea diving for 'Saaho'. The movie is said to have many action-packed sequences shot underwater.
5. Prabhas' Baahubali diet consisted of fish, egg whites, vegetables and almonds. The actor took a meal every two hours, and had a total of six meals every day. Prabhas weighed about 120 kgs for Baahubali. For 'Saaho', he has come down to weighing 87 kilos. Prabhas mostly works out with his local trainer at his own gym set up during 'Baahubali.'
6. Prabhas diet is loaded with protein, which is essential both for muscle building and weight loss. He went off rice for 'Baahubali.'

Here's wishing Prabhas a very happy birthday!

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