GoPro Video Captures The Moment Kite Surfer Collided With Shark

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A video captures the moment Alex Soto crashed into a shark while kite surfing.

A widely-shared video has captured the moment a professional kite surfer collided with a shark off the Dominican Republic coast. Captured by a GoPro camera, the heart-stopping video shows Alex Soto's unexpected encounter with a shark as he crashed into the water. According to The West Australian, Alex was training for the 2019 Pan American Games on Thursday when the incident occurred.

Mr Soto shared the video on his social media pages on Thursday. Since then, it has been re-shared and watched hundreds of times. One version, shared by a Facebook page called Kiterboard Racing, has collected over 1 lakh views.

The video shows Mr Soto falling off her board after colliding with a shark, but hanging on to his kite. He managed to get away without any injuries. The shark also survived.

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Watch the video below:

"I never saw a shark in Cabarete in 14 years, when I saw the shark I was surprised," Mr Soto told The West Australian.

"We are invading their habitat, do not be surprised if you see any sharks," he said.

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