Giving toddlers Calpol, paracetamol may increase risk of developing asthma: Study

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asthma, asthma paracetamol, asthma calpol, indian express, indian express news In order to arrive at the result, 620 children were assessed. (Source: File Photo)

Administering calpol and other paracetamol to toddlers increases the chances of suffering from asthma later if it runs in the family, according to a new study. To arrive at the result, the study assessed 620 kids from infanthood to adulthood. They were chosen even before they were born since as at least one member of their family had food eczema or some food allergy, it made them naturally vulnerable to developing some allergy-based condition.

“Paracetamol, on the other hand, consumes glutathione, reducing the body’s capacity to deal with toxic exposure,” said Xin Dai, one who led the research at the University of Melbourne.

“Our findings provide more evidence that paracetamol use in infancy may have an adverse effect on respiratory health for children with particular genetic profiles and could be a possible cause of asthma,” Dai said. The results were presented to the European Respiratory Society International Conference in Paris.

However, she also added that the study does not imply that paracetamol causes asthma and some children do need more paracetamol than the rest for the growing respiratory problems. It is these problems that lead to asthma and not the drug.

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“Paracetamol is safe and effective for treating pain and fever for a range of conditions when used correctly. People are advised to consult their doctor if their symptoms continue,” Dr June Raine, Director of Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency’s Vigilance and Risk Management of Medicines Division, asserted.

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