“From Bomb Threats To Begging Bowl”: PM Modi’s Jab Aimed At Pakistan

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"Those who used to threaten with bombs are now holding a begging bowl," PM Modi said.


Wading through questions over his caste and attacks involving his parents by some Congress leaders, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday not only gave it back to the rival political outfit, but also took on Pakistan at an election rally by saying that "those who used to threaten India with bombs are now holding a begging bowl".

PM Modi's swipe, though did not name any one, was seen by many as aimed at Pakistan's new Prime Minister Imran Khan, who has been seeking financial aid from allies to help end a spiralling balance of payments crisis.

The US has suspended $1.66 billion in security assistance to Pakistan after President Donald Trump said Pakistan doesn't do "a damn thing" for the US. But Pakistan managed to secure $6 billion in support from Saudi Arabia, while its "all-weather ally" China said it will talk first before promising anything.

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"This hasn't happened because of Modi's caste, but because of 125 crore Indians," PM Modi said during a rally in Rajasthan's Alwar today.

जो लोग कल तक भारत पर बम दागने की धमकी देते थे, आज हमारी रणनीति ने उनके हाथ में कटोरा थमा दिया है : पीएम मोदी #सिंहद्वार_से_विजय_हुंकारpic.twitter.com/c3objv7ntt

– BJP (@BJP4India) November 25, 2018

The prime minister also said the Congress has "no courage" to talk about development and therefore, "they ask about the caste of Modi".

PM Modi's remark was in reaction to former Union minister and Congress leader CP Joshi's statement when he questioned PM Modi's caste.

Will you vote on the basis of Modi's caste? Will the future of Rajasthan be decided on basis of where Modi was born, PM Modi asked.

"It doesn't matter who spoke that (Mr Joshi's remarks) because everyone knows about the 'naamdaar' who makes them say such things," he said.

On attacks when Congress leaders Raj Babbar and Vilas Muttemwar made embarrassing remarks against his parents – Mr Babbar likened the falling rupee to the age of PM Modi's mother and Mr Muttemwar said "nobody knows the name of your (PM Modi's) father – the prime minister said, "We never make any personal attacks on anyone's family. We criticized the post they held. But why are Congress leaders making personal attacks on my mother and father."

During his over an hour-long speech, PM Modi also accused the Congress of "forgetting" to give the Bharat Ratna to Dr BR Ambedkar, who got the award in 1990, 34 years after his death.

The party, he said, cares only about lineage, not about achievements. "The Congress will never have the guts to fight an election on the basis of development," he added.

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