FIFA Under 17 World Cup, India vs Ghana Highlights: Ghana beat India 4-0, World Cup dream for Amarjit and Co ends

FIFA U17 World Cup: India vs Ghana

FIFA Under 17 World Cup highlights: India locked horns for survival against Ghana. Although India lost against USA and Colombia they gave both the teams a tough fight. In the overall context, the USA were skillful but not strong. Colombia were more physical but lacked USA’s finesse. These two teams gave India some leeway to work with. Ghana, however, are the strongest of the four teams in the group as well as the most skillful. It will be the toughest challenge for the Indian colts yet. India haven’t played an opponent like this before. During their two-year long preparatory phase, the team travelled to 18 countries and played more than 100 matches, including against the USA and Colombia. But during this period, they have not played Ghana or any other African opponent. Well interestingly, Ghana are a wounded too, just like India. Ghana lost to the USA in their previous game, which leaves them in a must-win situation against India. Captain Amarjit Kiyam and center-back Anwar Ali are both nursing injuries for India. It’s going to be an eye-popping clash between the two teams with India dubbed as the underdog. India has nothing to lose and this is the attitude Coach Matos’ team will go out with against Ghana.

Here are India vs Ghana:

9:51 pm: FINAL Whistle blows, Ghana beat India 4-0, World Cup dream for Amarjit and Co ends. It’s nothing but the start of a new era. for Indian football. A football revolution is on cards.

9:49 pm: India’s misery continues after back to back goals, courtesy of two substitutes.

9:40 pm: India suddenly starting to attack. Just 7 minutes to go.

9:37 pm: Substitution:

Kudus MOHAMMED (in) comes off the bench to replace Edmund ARKO-MENSAH (out) (Ghana).

9:33 pm: Ghana is taking full control of the game as they are making repeated attacks. Amarjit Kiyam replaced by Rahim Ali, and with that his World Cup dream comes to an end.

9:27 pm: A player from Ghana sees his effort hit the target. Ghana has been playing exceptionally well in the second half.

9:22 pm: India suddenly looks all tired, they are not even trying much. It seems as if they have given up already.

9:15 pm: Substitution:

Emmanuel TOKU (in) comes off the bench to replace Sadiq IBRAHIM (out) (Ghana).

Ninthoinganba MEETEI (in) comes off the bench to replace Nongdamba NAOREM (out) (India)

9:13 pm: GOAL, Eric Ayiah scores double, wall of Dheeraj shatters; Score 2-0. India’s World Cup dream evaporating before their very own eyes.

9:09 pm: After such a fast pace match, an interesting fact for the fans. Former Chelse player Michael Essien was the part of the Ghana under 17 squad for the 1999 World U17 Cup.

9:07 pm: Ghana are penalised after committing a foul. Sadiq IBRAHIM (Ghana) is yellow carded. He will miss the next match if Ghana qualifies.

9:04 pm: Second half is underway, Dheeraj is back on the field after that little itch in the groin.

8:55 pm: Ghana has been great, their transition from defence to attack is quite fast. They are a 11 pairs of pacey legs that India is playing agianst.

8:48 pm: At half time, Ghana lead 1-0.

8:44 pm: A player from Ghana commits a foul. Ghana are penalised after committing a foul. Rashid Alhassan is yellow carded. 8:40 pm: GOAL! Eric AYIAH scores on a great delivery by Ibrahim.

8:36 pm: Ghana take the corner kick and cleared easily.

8:32 pm: Boris THANGJAM (India) is booked by the referee. India are penalised after committing a foul. Ghana strike their free-kick wide.

8:25 pm: Ghana changed their strategy after 20 minutes into the game. They go for long-shots, but not on target. India playing well so far..

8:15 pm: It has been an end to end game so far, quick passes and fast distribution of ball by players can be seen.

8:11 pm: India doing well so far, Free Kick to India, Abhijit gives a little kiss to the ball, can it be a magical kiss? Wonderful clearance by Ghananian defender.

8:10 pm: Aniket with a rash tackle, is penalised with a Yellow Card.

8:08 pm: India sure have learnt a lot from their last 2 matches, they are closing down on the ball quickly and the defence has been compact. But they look a little excited. Sure needs to calm down and look for more ball control.

8:05 pm: Free kick to India, India would be searching for the Golden head of Jeackson, a bad set piece by Abhijit, easy clearance.

8:03 pm: That was close, India almost conceded, pheww! that was offside called by the linesman. India needs to mellow down and concentrate on making chances.

8:00 pm: India kick off the match, early threats posed by Jeackson and Aniket.

7:54 pm: Teams have entered; electrifying atmosphere at JLN stadium.

National Anthem time. Goosebumps. Cheer your heart out India. #GHAvIND #BackTheBlue #FIFAU17WC

— Indian Football Team (@IndianFootball) October 12, 2017

7:47 pm: JLN is house full and it looks gorgeous.

The JLN looks gorgeous as ever. #GHAvIND #BackTheBlue #FIFAU17WC

— Indian Football Team (@IndianFootball) October 12, 2017

7:38 pm: A perfect picture to show the pressure that India will be in as they would be fighting for the survival.

Thinking about the game.#BackTheBlue #FIFAU17WC #GHAvIND

— Indian Football Team (@IndianFootball) October 12, 2017

7:35 pm: Abdelkader ZITOUNI will be the referee for the match from Tahiti. Folio MOEAKI and Bernard Alu Paekera MUTUKERA will be the linesmen for the match.

7:31 pm: The teams have entered the stadium.

The floodlights are on and boys are rearing to go against @ghanafaofficial .#BackTheBlue #FIFAU17WC #GHAvIND

— Indian Football Team (@IndianFootball) October 12, 2017

India U17s have taken the field for the Pre-Match Warm up.#BackTheBlue #FIFAU17WC #GHAvIND

— Indian Football Team (@IndianFootball) October 12, 2017

The boys are warming up and are ready to face @ghanafaofficial. #BackTheBlue #FIFAU17WC #GHAvIND

— Indian Football Team (@IndianFootball) October 12, 2017

7:22 pm: India playing with 4-2-3-1 formation. Good news for Indian fans, Amarjit and Anwar Ali declared fit and will start for India.

7:19 pm: It is32° C in Delhi and a clear night today. It is quite hot to be honest.

7:17 pm: The fans are all set to enjoy the match. Are you?

The pilgrims are here. #GHAvIND #BackTheBlue #FIFAU17WC

— Indian Football Team (@IndianFootball) October 12, 2017

7:12 pm: India needs to win by 5 goals and hope that the results go accordingly.

7:07 pm: It is a tough game for India as they have never played against the Africans. Ghana was unlucky not to win the game against USA although the African side dominated the match.

6:56 pm: Here is the India and Ghana squad list.

India vs Ghana (FIFA)

6:22 pm: Meet Jeackson Singh, the boy who etched his name in golden words in Indian football history.

The man who etched his name in Indian Football’s history books. Here’s Jeakson in our #ICANIWILL series.#BackTheBlue #FIFAU17WC #GHAvIND

— Indian Football Team (@IndianFootball) October 12, 2017

6:18 pm: Gaffer Matos says that the team will walk the pitch with a winning mentality.

Gaffer states that the team will go for nothing less than a win #GHAvIND #BackTheBlue #FIFAU17WC

— Indian Football Team (@IndianFootball) October 12, 2017

6:00 pm: Hello and welcome to all the India vs Ghana live updates. It is a must-win the match for both the teams. Captain Amarjit Kiyam and center-back Anwar Ali are both nursing injuries and might miss the match.