#Familygoals: When Sachin Pilot And Farooq Abdullah Met On NDTV Show

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Sachin Pilot is one of the two Congress candidates for Chief Minister post in Rajasthan.

New Delhi:

Sachin Pilot, the Congress' Rajasthan leader, received advice from unexpected quarters as he spoke to NDTV during a discussion on his party's state election victories.

Sachin Pilot, the chief of the Congress in Rajasthan, and Ashok Gehlot, a three-time chief minister, are the party's two main candidates for the post of chief minister.

But the 40-year-old firmly repeated his stock answer to the question, who will be chief minister.

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Asked how he dealt with the "generation gap" in politics – for instance between him and Ashok Gehlot, Mr Pilot said: "Let me make it very clear – there are no gaps, no age gaps or mind gaps, that is the beauty of the Congress, that we can work together. It bothered the BJP how we could work together."

National Conference leader Farooq Abdullah, who was also part of the NDTV discussion, then asked a question. Sachin Pilot is married to Dr Abdullah's daughter Sara.

There was very little warning for Mr Pilot from the studio panel, except that he was in for a "third degree".

Farooq Abdullah said: "Congratulations, what we will see is how you people perform in 2019, I hope you will do well. On you, a nation is looking, therefore don't beat drums of victory as yet. Work is hard, remain united…What is your answer?"

Mr Pilot replied: "The work is only half done, the real challenge is four months later, but the party and all of us in Rajasthan are fully prepared to give the BJP a defeat."

Good, Mr Abdullah responded approvingly.

Mr Pilot was asked whether in his party, the old guard still dominated top positions.

Are you going to get young people in, Mr Abdullah added to the anchor's question.

"We must carry everyone together. People who have worked 30 to 40 years have a lot to offer. It has to be a symbiotic relationship," he said.

Mr Abdullah agreed, saying, "I also believe you have to blend old and young."

This is when Mr Pilot cut in, grinning: "I may become old one day, but Dr Abdullah will not become old at any point."

The 81-year-old former union minister smiled in response.

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