‘Fakir Of Venice’ Trailer: Farhan, Annu Kapoor’s Hilarious ‘Con’coction

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Still from The Fakir Of Venice (courtesy YouTube)

New Delhi:

It's finally here! The trailer of Farhan Akhtar's The Fakir Of Venice, a film which was initially made for a 2009 release, released recently and is an absolute laugh riot. Farhan Akhtar and Annu Kapoor are the two protagonists in the film and they make a superb con duo – Farhan plays a con artiste, who has been assigned the duty to hire a fakir from India for an art installation in Venice. In his hunt for the perfect fakir, Farhan ends up zeroing in on an alcoholic slum-dweller from Mumbai and tried to pass him off as a genuine religious ascetic from India.

The trailer begins with Farhan Akhtar embarking on the lookout for a fakir, a search which ended when he bumped into Annu Kapoor. Then began a series of (mis)adventures with the con-duo deceiving the art world of Europe. The twist in the tale arrives at the end of the trailer when Farhan learns that Annu Kapoor had a kept a secret about his identity from him.

Watch the trailer of The Venice Of Fakir here:

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In an interview with news agency IANS in December, director Anand Surapur said the film's storyline is actually about: "Every viewer will relate to the characters of the film and go back with a sense of self-reflection and a feeling of trying to be a better human being. It's a con performed by two Indian men who travel to Venice for conning the western art world for making quick bucks. We are targeting (to release it on) about 300-400 screens," he shared.

In 2009, The Fakir Of Venice premiered at the Indian Film Festival in Los Angeles, after which it's release was stalled due to post production issues. You can meet The Fakir Of Venice con-men Farhan Akhtar and Annu Kapoor in theatres on January 18.

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