Expert-Recommended Tips To Prevent Miscarriages All Mums-To-Be Should Know

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Past history of miscarriage can help in evaluating preventive measures for future pregnancy

Miscarriages are usually the result of genetic abnormalities in foetus. While there are other reasons which can cause miscarriages, there is nothing that can be done about the ones caused by genetic abnormalities. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle during pregnancy is probably the best way to prevent miscarriage. If you are not already pregnant, you can probably schedule a pre-conception visit to your gynecologist. Your medical history, lifestyle, blood samples, blood type and rubella immunity can all help in reducing chances of miscarriage, if not prevent it entirely.

How to prevent a miscarriage?

Delhi-based gynecologist Dr Bandana Sodhi says that prevention of miscarriages is dependent on the trimester of pregnancy. She agrees that nothing can be done about genetic problems in a child. Evaluation of preventive measures can be done with the help of past history of miscarriages.

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"Past history of miscarriages can help in telling about the hormonal evaluations to be done for preventing future miscarriages. Immunological problems can also be done with record of past miscarriage. It will help in evaluating the blood tests to be done," explains Dr Bandana.

She goes on to add that if there is a threat of miscarriage, like some bleeding, the mother should take adequate rest. "In case of threat of miscarriage as per the previous case or in case of any bleeding, the mother-to-be must avoid exertion. She should be on progesterone support. Bed rest is absolutely necessary. Travelling to work has to be avoided. Long-distance travel and traveling on bumpy roads also needs to be avoided."

Rest and timely medication are important to prevent miscarriage. "History or miscarriage in second trimester is mostly because cervical incompetence," says Dr Bandana.


It is important to maintain a healthy lifestyle during pregnancy to prevent miscarriage
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Cervical incompetence or cervical insufficiency happens when a woman's cervix is weak, and begins dilating and opening too early in the pregnancy. This leads to a miscarriage. It is important to detect premature dilation in time as cervical incompetence can result in preterm birth or pregnancy loss.

Each case of cervical incompetence is better evaluated on the basis of history. Timely detection and medication are the key to preventing miscarriage because of cervical incompetence.

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Other effective ways to prevent miscarriages:

1. Exercise regularly: For staying healthy throughout the pregnancy and preventing any pregnancy complications, exercising is very important. It can also help in cutting down chances of miscarriage. However, the intensity of exercise should not be the same. You should try to do only moderate intensity exercise during pregnancy.

2. Increase intake of folic acid: This is majorly important during one or two months before conception, only if it is possible that is.

3. Cut down on caffeine: For a safe and healthy pregnancy, mothers-to-be must limit their intake of caffeine.

4. Strictly no smoking and drinking: During pregnancy, there has to strictly no smoking and drinking. It is important for the baby and the mother. Mothers-to-be must also refrain from any kinds of second-hand smoke.

5. Take less stress: While this stands true for all times, during pregnancy stress is a big no-no. You need to take care of your overall mood and stay relaxed and calm. Studies have shown that women who felt happy and relaxed throughout pregnancy are less likely to have a miscarriage.

(Dr Bandana Sodhi is a Senior Consultant in Obstetrics and Gynaecology at Moolchand Hospital.)

Disclaimer: This content including advice provides generic information only. It is in no way a substitute for qualified medical opinion. Always consult a specialist or your own doctor for more information. NDTV does not claim responsibility for this information.

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