Even These Healthy Homemade Drinks Can Help Melt Belly Fat And Boost Metabolism

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What you drink is equally important to what you eat.

Have you ever given attention to what you drink? What you drink is equally important to what you eat. Canned and packages juices and other sweetened beverages available in the grocery store contain added sugars and excessive amount of preservatives. Also, they contain little or no nutrients, and too many calories. This makes them extremely unhealthy and should be avoided. Well! The good news is that it is possible to make smarter, healthier choices with a few simple swaps and healthy ingredients.

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This 2019 try some healthy drinks for a healthier and happier you:

1. Water:

According to the nutritionist Rupali Dutta, "Water is by far the best drink. It helps you keep hydrated all day long. Whenever you feel hungry try drinking a glass of water. It will promote fullness and controls your hunger pangs. Moreover, water has higher levels of satiety." In addition, water is great for your skin. Drinking a glass or two of water in the morning can give a kick start to your day. Drinking lukewarm water in the morning can help melt belly fat and aid in digestion.

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Water is by far the best drink.
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2. Natural juices:

The nutritionist went on to say, "Some natural juices like lime water and coconut water can be beneficial for health. Moreover, these drinks are very refreshing." Drinking lime water can be superb for digestion. Limes are acidic and they help saliva break down food for improved digestion. If you experience constipation, the acidity of limes can clear the excretory system and stimulate the bowel movement. Lemons can also act as a detoxifier. On the other hand, coconut water is extremely delicious, nutritious and a natural beverage. This drink may be beneficial for your heart, kidney, blood pressure and weight loss.

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3. Homemade drinks:

"Homemade drinks like mango panna or kaanji offer several health benefits." Mango panna is made up of raw mangoes which strengthens the immune system, is loaded with nutrients and cures many digestive disorders. Kaanji is a traditional Indian drink which has loads of benefits. It is salty and is rich in carbohydrates and other vital nutrients. So the next time you feel thirsty try these super healthy and traditional drinks!

4. Infused water:

"Again infused water is extremely healthy and refreshing. It is good for oral hydration and is rich in antioxidants. Some infused water drinks include jeera water, cinnamon water, strawberry water and cucumber water," adds nutritionist Rupali Dutta." These are extremely simple to make and can help in flushing out the toxins from the body.

5. Smoothies:

Nutritionist further said, "Whenever you cannot have a complete fruit, you can always opt for a blended fruit. Smoothies can be a complete meal." You can simply pick up the fruit of your choice, mix some milk or yoghurt, healthy nuts and seeds to make a nourishing and delicious smoothie.


Smoothies can be a complete meal.
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(Dr Rupali Dutta is a Clinical Nutritionist)

Disclaimer: This content including advice provides generic information only. It is in no way a substitute for qualified medical opinion. Always consult a specialist or your own doctor for more information. NDTV does not claim responsibility for this information.

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