Dubai-bound SpiceJet Flight Returns To Mumbai Due To “Technical Issue”

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The technical fault led to a four-hour delay in Mumbai-Dubai SpiceJet flight.


A SpiceJet aircraft on Thursday returned to Mumbai airport soon after taking-off for Dubai following a technical glitch.

The snag was corrected by the airline engineers and the plane resumed the journey to Dubai after a delay of four hours. All passengers are said to be safe.

SpiceJet issued a statement saying, "On January 9, 2019, flight SG-13 returned to Mumbai due to a minor technical issue. The aircraft made a normal landing. Reports of emergency landing are wrong and baseless. After checks, aircraft continued with its rotation and has landed at Dubai in normal course of business."

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On January 6, a Dubai-bound Air India express flight from Mumbai, carrying around 180 passengers, had to return due to a "hydraulic" failure.

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