Dry Hair: 3 Ayurvedic Hair Masks For Dry and Damaged Hair

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Winter is almost here, and like everybody else, we are also dreading the impact the upcoming nippy weather is going to have on our tresses. Dry, damaged and dull hair are a common fare in winters. As a last resort, most of us often have to tie them in a bun, or hide them in a hoodie or a hat. What if we tell you that you can avoid all the fuss this winter, that too without taking too many trips to your salon? Ayurveda has many natural hair masks, that can do wonders for your hair this winter.

Here are 3 natural hair masks that you can apply on your hair and scalp for effective results.

1. Shikakai and amla powder: Shikakai is one of Ayurveda's most loved herbs when it comes to hair care. Packed with antioxidants, shikakai naturally lowers the pH value and retains the natural oils of the hair and keeps them lustrous and healthy. It helps keep the hair nourished and prevents breakage due to damage. For the pack you need to blend together half a cup of shikakai and amla powder with luke warm water to make a paste. Apply this mask on your hair and your hair, and let it sit for 30 minutes and wash it off with water.

2. Amla and neem pack: Another effective hair mask for dry hair is of amla and neem. Both amla and neem are rich with antioxidants and antibacterial properties. In addition to dandruff, this mask could also help keep dandruff at bay, which is another common problem in winter Make a paste of fresh neem leaves, soak it overnight in warm water with amla powder. Use this as a pack on the hair and scalp and rinse after 20 minutes.

3. Yogurt hair mask: Yogurt has many nutrients that can help replenish your dry hair. Riboflavin, a nutrient commonly found in yogurt helps induce life in dull strands. Niacin, another compound found in yogurt help prevent hair loss, biotin on the other hand plays a key role in restoring damaged hair. Vitamin B12 boosts hair growth and even keeps dandruff at bay!

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Try them at least twice a week and see the results for yourself!

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