Drastic Bollywood diva’s fashion style statement ever

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Drastic Bollywood diva’s fashion style statement ever Drastic Bollywood diva’s fashion style statement ever Source : Press

Even our most beloved and favorite Bollywood celebrities have dressed in a very shocking fashion and made terrible and bad style statements with weird hairdos, mismatched accessories, shocking dresses and overdone gowns – Even they have had their occasional share of criticism and brickbats over their dressing style and choices. Sonakshi Sinha turned up in this monstrosity of an outfit at The 19th Annual Color Screen awards. Her broad figure is not flattering the weird gold patches at the wrong places. The strange designs and the long slit exposing a not-so-toned thigh. With so much of bling, gold and black on an over-the-top dress, she looks awkward and looks as though the dress might just rip apart any moment. Polka dot is one trend statement that can make you look good, but if you make a bad choice it can make you look really silly. The big hideous circles give a clown like appearance. Vidya Balan explains it pretty well why one should not go for polka dots. Her appearance at Cannes 2013 was marred by bad reviews of poor dressing style. Though backed by a good designer like Sabayasachi, she completely failed in the long mujra style anarkali with dupatta draped funnily over her head. Divya was seen wearing Nisha Sainani crop-top along with printed Pia Pauro skirt. FYI Divya, it was an awards night. Ekta Kapoor is the uncrowned queen of fashion disasters with her shocking cleavage revealing dresses, disgusting skin show and dowdy outfits. This lady desperately needs a fashion stylist and somebody to reprimand her when she steps outside in such hideous clothes.

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