Domestic LPG Cylinder Price Breaches Rs 1000 Mark

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An LPG cylinder now costs Rs 969 in Chennai, Rs 971 in Kolkata and Rs 942 in Delhi

New Delhi:

The price of non-subsidised domestic LPG cylinder of 14.2 kg has breached the Rs 1,000 mark in several places across the country. As consumers cough up an average of Rs 200 more for a cooking gas cylinder than what they had paid for in January, Rs 1,000 appears to be the new normal, say analysts.

In Patna, the price of a domestic cylinder is Rs 1,039 and in Raipur it is being sold for Rs 1,017. In Darjeeling, the price touched Rs 1,111. In Aizawl, it is Rs 1,081, Rs 1,003 in Jammu region and Rs 1,015 in Bidar in Karnataka.

While the price of cooking gas cylinder is fighting shy of Re 1 to reach the Rs 1,000 mark in the southern city of Hyderabad, in other major cities across the country it is getting closer to the four-digit number.

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An LPG cylinder now costs Rs 969 in Chennai, Rs 971 in Kolkata and Rs 942 in Delhi.

Unlike domestic petrol and diesel prices, which are decided on a daily basis, the prices of domestic LPG prices are revised every month.

Though the price of the LPG cylinder had halved to what it is today in October 2016 — the lowest since the NDA government headed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi came to office in May 2014 — it is no consolation for consumers as the prices have doubled since then.

The base price and levies apart, the transportation cost from the bottling plant to the retail outlets is reflected in the price of gas cylinders.

Any rise in the commission paid to the LPG distributors has also been passed on to the consumers. As India is one of the major importers of natural gas, the fluctuation in price in international market does play a role in determining the retail price of LPG.

There was no official comment from the government on the rise of the domestic LPG. But some sources indicated the prices will come down by December.

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