Doctors In Delhi Treat 16-Year-Old For Rare Intestinal Disease

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Utkarsh Jaiswal had undergone 4 surgeries for his condition before this one. (Representational)

New Delhi:

A 16-year-old from Kanpur was given a new lease of life after doctors in New Delhi successfully treated him for a rare intestinal disorder.

Utkarsh Jaiswal was suffering from ileal atresia, a congenital disorder that made him extremely malnourished and stunted his growth. A part of his intestine was clogged since birth.

Doctors at the Max Super Specialty Hospital performed a complex 10-hour-long surgery by reconstructing one foot-long patch/ part of the small intestine.

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"When the patient came to us initially, he complained of severe bloating of stomach and chronic vomiting. His duodenum was clogged since birth which posed hindrance in the digestive system and hence, the doctors bypassed the affected area," Ashish Vashistha, Hospital director said.

"Unfortunately, even after four operations in the past elsewhere, the patient was still suffering. The patient is better after the operation with no restriction in terms of lifestyle, including diet," Mr Vashistha added.

Utkarsh had undergone his first operation within 24 hours of his birth followed by three more operations till the age of 16.

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