Diwali 2018: Too Many Late Night Diwali Parties? Here’s You Can Manage Your Meals And Health

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Diwali 2018: Avoid having more than 5 nights of 8 nights of Diwali parties for good health

During festivities like Diwali, there are many late night parties and social gatherings that people have to attend. It is important to regulate our food environment during such times. You must know that those cashews, almonds, deep fried samosa, or even the mithai which is unhealthy. What really is unhealthy eating them at 2 am or 4 am or later than that. This Diwali, work on controlling your late night outings and focus on having a happy and healthy Diwali, mentions celeb nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar in one of her recent live videos on Instagram and Facebook.

An effective way of controlling late night outings during Diwali is by accepting only the ones which are important to you. Keep your late night outings during Diwali no more than 5 nights, or 8 nights on the higher side, but nothing more than that.

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What to eat during late night Diwali parties?

1. If you want to avoid eating too many unhealthy foods during late night Diwali parties, eat your dinner at home. If you had a late night party the previous night as well, you can eat khichdi and kadhi or rice and dahi along with homemade achar for dinner before you leave for another Diwali party the next night. Otherwise, bajra roti with ghee, a homemade sabzi and jaggery for dinner would do good before your leave for a late night Diwali party.

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2. When you are at these parties, you should try picking foods only which are kitchen preparations of in the house where the party is hosted. Prefer eating fresh nuts and ghee roasted makhanas (if available) in these parties.

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3. With every glass of alcoholic drink that you take, drink a glass of water. Have a glass of hot water before going to bed. If you are feeling acidic, have 1 tsp of gulkand followed by a glass of hot water before going to bed. Repeat this ritual the next morning and have your breakfast within the next 60 to 90 minutes.


Have your dinner at home before going out for a late night Diwali party
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4. In case you end up staying for longer at the Diwali party, eat any freshly cooked item, preferably rice. Eating rice is the safest as it is the lightest grain to digest. You can combine with another gravy item or dal, but avoid eating too many things at a time.

5. Following this regime will help you feel light, prevent any weight gain and bloating, and will also reduce the need of a detox drink or diet.

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6. Another thing to keep in mind for late night Diwali parties is to avoid exercising on the next day. This is because your recovery abilities are compromised when you have too many late nights and improper sleep. Exercise is wear and tear of the body, which is good for the body, but physiologically it creates structured damage (microscopic wear and tear) in the body. If you don't have the ability to repair the damage, then don't subject your body to exercise.

7. If you have a late night gathering on a day when you didn't have the same on the previous night, do a legs workout to look your thinnest. 5 or 6 sets of surya namaskar will you make you look your best for a late night Diwali parties.

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