Diwali 2018: On A Diet? Here’s How To Eat Healthy This Festive Week!

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Diwali is just a couple of days away and we cannot contain our excitement. While we are all loving the festive vibe and the feasting that is to follow in these couple of days, one cannot also deny the impact that it would have on our waistline soon after. Not just that, if you happen to be on a special diet, Diwali bingeing may undo most of your efforts. But should that make you cancel all your plans and stay at home with your salad? Not really. Wise choices, portion control and moderation can help ensure you eat healthy this festive week.

Diwali 2018: Here are some diet tips from top experts and chefs that you can follow to ensure your diet does not go for a toss this festive season.

Mumbai based nutritionist and fitness expert Madhuri Ruia says:

  • Over-consumption of unhealthy food is common during Diwali. This can be avoided by making small modifications in your festive diet. Avoid over-indulgence by eating a healthy, balanced diet including fresh food, fruits and almonds. Avoid oily food.
  • Incorporating small changes in your life like eating a handful of nuts every day and working out regularly helps maintain healthy diet.
  • As you get busy preparing for the festival, remember to drink lots of water to keep yourself hydrated and energetic.

You can reinvent the way you look at traditional treats and give them a healthy spin. Chef Manish Mehrotra of Indian Accent suggests a couple of healthy ways you can use almonds.

  • Almonds are a natural source of many essential nutrients, including protein and healthy fats, making them a nutrient-rich snack that can help keep you going throughout the day. Add a personal touch by making a homemade delicacy such as jaggery-coated almonds, or simply serve homemade til-coated almonds.

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Diwali 2018: Almonds are a natural source of many essential nutrients

Macrobiotic Nutritionist and Health Practitioner Shilpa Arora gave us a list of foods that are best to avoid and the healthy foods that you can have instead.

Diwali 2018: List of foods to avoid:

• All sugars; Raw, brown, white, they all break down into the same molecules and have the same number of kilojoules.
• All white flours, maida, refined grains and virtually all packaged and processed foods-soups, sauces, cereals.
• Pre-packaged desserts

Diwali 2018: List of foods you could have instead:

• Non-salted nuts and dry fruits like dates and figs
• Seasonal fruits like pomegranates, pears, bananas, oranges, grapes and avocados.
• Dark bitter chocolates, but in moderation
• Coconut and coconut water

Here's wishing you all a very healthy and happy Diwali 2018!

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