Divya Agarwal and Varun Sood are dating and it’s not a publicity stunt!

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Divya Agarwal and Varun Sood are dating and it's not a publicity stunt!

Ace of Space winner Divya Agarwal recently opened up about her relationship with Varun Sood. Check out what she has to say.

Divya Agarwal and Varun Sood are dating and it's not a publicity stunt! Source : Instagram

The Ace of Space winner Divya Agarwal is currently soaking in the happiness of her big win. While all this around she recently opened up to a leading daily about her equation with Varun Sood who was her partner on the show. Well, let us tell you that they are dating in reality.

Yes, while talking about Varun Divya said "Okay, so it's a very beautiful relationship actually because we started off as friends, we have supported each other even outside, not just on the show. Even outside in the world where we're just the 2 of us, we've been through a lot of emotional ups and downs. We've been through all of that together. The best part about this relationship is that our families wanted us together. So, that's a beautiful feeling honestly and we still have that best friend vibe and adding to that we love each other. So, it's a great combination I feel. I really feel blessed to have a boyfriend like him."

So when asked about how their families reacted to their relationship Divya said as she and Varun are best friends, her parents always thought they were in a relationship, but when they came to know that they are actually dating, they thought it was a publicity stunt for a show. Her family initially was not happy about their relationship while Varun's side of the family is very happy.

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She jokingly said that Varun has to come up and convince her family DDLJ style. Well, whatever it is, we are very happy for you Divya and Varun.

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