Diabetes Management: Why Is Zinc Important For Diabetics? 8 Zinc-Rich Foods

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Diabetes management is no cakewalk. The limitations and restrictions in a diabetic diet may get a tad too overwhelming at times; which is why it is important to have a clear knowledge of the foods and range of options that one can have in a diabetic diet plan. While it is commonly known that diabetes should steer clear of sugary goods and eat more of fibre-rich foods, did you know including foods that are rich in zinc may also play a fruitful role in managing diabetes?

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Here's why zinc is important for diabetes management:

According to the book, '101 Weight Loss Tips' by Dr. Shikha Sharma, "Including zinc in your diet helps sensitise tissues to insulin. Moreover, it also helps minimise sugar cravings. There are many studies that have shown that zinc acts like insulin when administered to insulin-sensitive tissue and that it seems to stimulate insulin action."
Zinc can bind to insulin receptors and activates insulin-signalling pathways. Insulin is a hormone made by the pancreas that allows your body to use sugar (glucose). Impaired insulin activity can hamper the way your cells respond to the glucose produced, which can cause fluctuations. The mineral is also vital in ensuring correct processing, storage, and secretion of insulin; a key factor to ensure in diabetes management. Additionally, zinc also has antioxidant effects. People with diabetes often see immense oxidative damage. This mineral may help prevent oxidative stress induced by diabetes.

Zinc-rich foods you may want to include in your diabetes diet:

1. Sesame seeds or Til
2. Pumpkin seeds
3. Legumes
4. Almonds
5. Pine nuts
6. Milk
7. Cheese
8. Whole grains

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