Diabetes Management: Here’s How Dry Ginger Water May Help Manage Blood Sugar Levels

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When it comes to diabetes, you cannot take chances with the food on your plate. You never know what may trigger a blood sugar spike. Diabetes is emerging to be one of the most common health conditions across the globe. It is estimated by the World Health Organisation (WHO) that by the year 2030, diabetes would become the seventh biggest killer around the world. Diabetes refers to a group of metabolic disorders that is characterised by elevated blood sugar levels. While it is tough to reverse the condition, it is possible to manage it with the help of a few preventive steps. Diabetics are always told to pay extra attention towards their diet. Simple carbs, sugars and refined goods tend to cause a surge in blood sugar levels. Fortunately, there are some herbs and spices that are known to regulate blood sugar levels naturally. Dry ginger is one such herb that is touted to be an excellent natural remedy for controlling high blood sugar in the body.

Diabetes: How Does Dry Ginger Help Manage Blood Sugar Levels

Dried ginger is nothing but fresh ginger that has been made to go the drying process. Fresh ginger is washed many times, soaked in water and peeled. The ginger is then sun-dried for a week; the off-white coloured that you are left with at the end of sun drying is referred to as dry ginger. Many people powder these dried ginger bits and use it in their curries, kadha, face masks and hair masks. Dried ginger powder also has properties to regulate blood sugar levels. The pungent root spice is a rich source of zinc that plays a big role in the secretion of insulin, which is often impaired in people with type 2 diabetes. Ginger is very low on carbohydrates too. It has only 1.3 grams of carbohydrates per teaspoon. Carbohydrates tend to metabolise quickly, which can surge your blood sugar levels.
A study, published in the journal Planta Medica reports, revealed the potential power of ginger to control blood glucose by using muscle cells. Ginger extracts were able to increase the uptake of glucose into muscle cells independently of insulin. This could help assist in the management of high levels of blood sugar that create complications for long-term diabetic patients, and may allow cells to operate independently of insulin, the author of the study noted.


Type 2 diabetes is a chronic disease and is affecting a lot of people worldwide

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How to consume dry ginger to manage diabetes?

You can consume up to two grams of ginger powder mixed in warm water with a pinch of salt. This is more effective when consumed in the morning on an empty stomach.

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