Depressed, Radhika Says She Left Mumbai After 7-8 Months

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Radhika Apte was recently seen in Baazaar. (Image courtesy: Instagram)

New Delhi:

Neha Dhupia's chat show, No Filter Neha, is where her colleagues often reveal the high and low points of their lives and the latest celeb to open her book of secerts was Radhika Apte. Speaking on No Filter Neha, Radhika revealed how she left Mumbai after spending seven to eight months to be around people who did not "make me feel so useless." She told Neha Dhupia: "I came to Bombay initially, alone. Then I went back to Pune because I got too depressed because I was here for 7-8 months. I had no good friends. I wanted to do films and I didn't know a single soul, I didn't know any casting director, I didn't know anybody! I didn't know where to start from. So, I'd wake up and feel what do I do? Whom should I call? Where do I go? So, I realised I need to be around people who make me a bit happy and don't make me feel so useless."

Radhika said that in that phase theatre was her solace. "I was staying with people that I didn't get along with and I was doing theatre which was in town so it was that commute every day, which is fine, that was the only good time, the theatre time that I had."

Before starring in films, Radhika Apte featured in several Marathi plays. She was closely associated with theatre company Aasakta Kalamanch run by Mohit Takalkar in Pune. She featured in Marathi plays such as Tu, Purnaviram and Matra Ratra, Samuel Beckett's That Time and Bombay Black in English and Kanyadaan in Hindi.

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No Filter Neha, currently in its third season, is available on Saavan.

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