Delhi Minister Imran Hussain Awarded By PETA For Ban On Chinese Manjha

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Imran Hussain received the "Hero to Animals" award by PETA India for banning Chinese manjha.

New Delhi:

Delhi environment minister Imran Hussain was awarded by the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA)-India for banning the Chinese manjha, or the glass-coated kite strings, across Delhi.

Mr Hussain in July had called for a complete ban on the sale, production, storage and import of the Chinese manjha, saying that the sharp-edged threads not only hurt birds but also children.

Mr Hussain received a Hero to Animals Award by PETA-India for saving the lives of humans and animals by banning all forms of manjha throughout the National Capital Territory of Delhi.

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"I'm humbled to be awarded by PETA India for banning the Chinese manjha in Delhi. It was a big threat to lives of birds and also for human beings. Delhi government pioneered this initiative for legally banning the sale and use of Chinese manjha in Delhi. Animals have the equal right to live (sic)," he tweeted after receiving the award.

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