Delhi Man Alleges Harassment By Wife’s Family, Hangs Himself At Home

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The man's was upset over his in-laws threats and abuse. (Representational)

New Delhi:

A 36-year-old man allegedly hanged himself at his house in northeast Delhi's Karawal Nagar, police said on Sunday. Before committing suicide, he recorded a video from his mobile phone accusing his in-laws of mentally harassing him, police said.

The man's brother told police that he and his wife had frequent fights due to the interference of his in-laws.

Police investigation revealed that on January 2, his wife left house without informing anyone. Later, the man's family got to know that she was with her parents. Enraged, the man left his two children at his in-laws place.

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His brother told police that his in-laws threatened to file a case against him and even beat him. Upset, he allegedly committed suicide on Friday, he said.

The man worked as at an automobile shop and lived with his family in northeast Delhi.

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