Cooking Tips: How To Make Restaurant-Style Red Sauce Pasta At Home 


Saucy and zesty, red sauce pasta is available across all cafes

With the outburst of cafes in the country, our taste too has evolved and how. We know the exact kind of dressings we want for our salads, the particular seasoning we want on our pizzas and the condiments to pair with our fries. Another 'cafe' staple we do not want anyone to tamper with is red sauce pasta. Saucy and zesty, red sauce pasta is available across all cafes in our vicinity, big or small. It is one of the first things we order in a cafe because let's admit it, red sauce pasta is a hit with everybody. The flavour of this classic Italian delicacy goes very well with our traditional Indian palate. Made with tomatoes and a whole lot of herbs, red sauce pasta is a rich and sumptuous treat that we can never get enough of.

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If you too (like us) identify yourself as a true fan of the Italian treat, then we must tell you that it is fairly easy to make the delicacy at home, and we have just the right recipe that could help you recreate the restaurant-style red sauce pasta at home. We understand a lot of you may have tried a multitude of recipes already, and we have also heard tales of soggy pasta and bland sauce preparations. This red sauce pasta recipe is ideal for your pasta cravings. You can make this recipe for a lazy Sunday brunch or quick supper.

The pasta is slow-cooked so that it soaks in the tanginess of the sauce. Be it bay leaf, garlic or basil, most of the herbs and spices used in making the sauce are easily available in supermarkets.

Here are some tips to get the red sauce right:

1. Take diced tomatoes and heat the pieces properly in a pan.

2. In that pan itself, add garlic cloves, onion and bay leaf. Add half cup of water, season with salt and sugar.

3. Let the tomatoes boil. You need to grind them nicely into a puree when they are at room temperature.

4. Now, you are supposed to take a separate pan, wherein you have to heat oil, chopped onions and garlic. To this, add the puree and cook till it reduces to half.

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A lot of people face challenges while cooking the sauce; this classic red sauce recipe by Chef Anna Tasca Lanza of The ITC Hotel Maurya Sheraton, New Delhi is sure to be of immense help.

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Try making the red sauce pasta at home and let us know how it worked out for you in the comments section below.

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