CBSE Releases TImeline For Availing Exemption Request For PWD Students

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CBSE Releases TImeline For Availing Exemption Request For PWD Students

New Delhi:

CBSE has released the schedule for making request to avail facilities/exemptions for PWD candidates who would be appearing for Class 10 and Class 12 board exams in 2019. CBSE has extended several exemptions and concessions to the candidates with benchmark disabilities. The activities for the PWD candidates will begin on the last date of submission of list of candidates without late fee to CBSE.

Here's a breakdown of the schedule given by CBSE for requesting facilities and exemptions for PWD candidates:

Activity Last Date
Schools will inform PWD candidates about facilities and exemptions extended by CBSE Last date of submission of List of Candidates without late fee
Schools will make a list of PWD candidates after submitting LOC
Students/Parents will make the request to their school for availing facilities/exemptions during annual examinations along with the required certificates 15 days from the first activity
Schools will compile all such requests in tabular form with required documents/certificates 7 days from the date of the second activity
Only one request will be sent by each school to the Regional Office for necessary approval
Regional Office will communicate any deficiency, if any, to the schools 10 days from the date of the third activity
Schools will communicate fulfillment of deficiency to Regional Office 10 days from the date of the fourth activity

While sending the request to Regional office, Schools will also inform if a student, in case of Class 12, had availed the facilities in Class 10 exam, and in case of Class 10, had availed the facilities in Class 9 exam.

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This exercise will help students get necessary approval from CBSE in due time and will also help CBSE take care of these students while allotting roll numbers for the board exam.

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