CBSE Board Exam 2019: Paper Pattern, Marking Scheme For English Core

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CBSE Board Exam 2019: Paper Pattern, Marking Scheme For English Core

New Delhi:

CBSE recently changed the exam pattern for English core for class 12 students. The board has now released the marking scheme and sample paper for the English (Core) subject which follows the revised pattern. The pattern was changed based on feedback received from the various stakeholders and subsequent deliberation in the meetings of Committee of Courses of the Board and subject experts.

Under the revised pattern, the number of question has reduced to 35. There are still three sections.

Section A which is 'Reading' section will test a student's ability to comprehend a given passage and answer questions based on the passage. The Reading section will carry 30 marks in total. The first passage will carry 20 marks. There would be 5 MCQs, 9 very short answer type questions, and 3 short answer type questions from passage one. There would be two long answer type questions from the second passage each carrying 5 marks.

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Section B is 'Advanced Writing Skills'. This section will carry total 30 marks. The objective of this section is to test a candidate's writing skills. In this section equal importance will be given to expression and content. This section will have four questions. One question will carry 4 marks, one will carry 6 marks and rest two will carry 10 marks each.

Section C is 'Literature: Text Books and Long Reading Text'. This section will have 6 sets of questions and will carry 40 marks in total. There would be 4 very short answer type questions based on a poem prescribed in the textbook. There would be 4 short answer type questions based on prose section in the text book. Each question will carry 3 marks. There would be 4 long answer type questions each carrying 6 marks.

Students while preparing for the exam and attempting sample papers should keep in mind that word limit is important and they should practice writing answers within the prescribed word limit only. Exceeding word limit while writing an answer does not fetch more marks.

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