CBSE Board Exam 2019: Exam Pattern For Class 12 English Elective

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CBSE Board Exam 2019: Exam Pattern For Class 12 English Elective

New Delhi:

CBSE will be conducting class 12 board exams earlier than usual. The exams will begin with Vocational subjects first. CBSE has released sample question papers and marking scheme for the subjects on its official website. In this article we will discuss the exam pattern and marking scheme for English (Elective).

The question paper will be of total 100 marks and will have three sections – Reading, Writing and Grammar, and Literature. There would be total 11 main questions with sub-parts.

Section A: Reading

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The reading section will have two passages. Both the passages will carry 10 marks each. There would be 10 very short answer type questions from the first passage. There would be two long answer type questions based on the second passage. The questions based on second passage will test a students ability to make notes and summarise a passage.

Section B: Writing and Grammar

Section B will carry 40 marks in total. There would be five questions in this section out of which four would test a student's writing skills and one question will check their knowledge of English grammar.

The writing part will have questions pertaining to article writing, letter writing, report writing, advertisement writing, and speech writing. Students should practice the formats for these types of writing carefully and follow the format carefully while attempting the questions. The writing part will carry 30 marks.

The grammar portion will have one question with three sub-parts involving rearranging words and phrases into meaningful sentences, dialogue writing, editing of a given passage. The grammar part will carry total 10 marks.

Section C: Literature

Literature portion of the question paper will also carry 40 marks. One question will be from the poems prescribed in the syllabus and will be a reference to context type question carrying 10 marks.

There will be one question from one of the stories prescribed in the syllabus carrying 4 marks and should be answered in 50-60 words.

There would be two questions carrying 5 marks each to be answered in 80-100 words.

There will be one question carrying 6 marks to be answered in 120-150 words and one question carrying 10 marks to be answered in 150-200 words.

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