Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Diabetes Diet: 5 Vegetarian Diabetes-Friendly Dinner Recipes You Must Try

Diabetes is a condition where your body is not able to create more insulin or is not responding well to the insulin produced. This...

Weight Loss: 5 Healthy Diet Facts That Anyone Wanting To Lose Weight Must Know

Weight Loss: Anyone wanting to lose weight in a healthy way must know about these diet-related facts!Source Article

High-Protein Diet: Learn How To Make Quinoa Poha At Home For Weight Loss

Quinoa is low in calories and high in good quality proteins, which works well for any weight loss diet plan.Source Article

Coffee May Not Be As Bad for Heart As Perceived: Study

Multiple studies have shown that drinking coffee may make arteries stiffer, but according to a latest study, coffee may not be as bad as...

Chickpea Nutrition: Health Benefits Of The Protein-Rich Desi Favourite Chana

Chickpea Nutrition: The humble safed chana or chhola that Indians have grown up loving has a nutritional profile that seems to have been tailor-made...

Weight Loss: Try These Three High Protein Grilled Chicken Recipes To Shed A Few...

How To Lose Weight Eating Chicken: 3 Chicken Recipes For Healthy Weight LossIf you are a non-vegetarian and finding it hard to give up...

This Diabetic-Friendly Whole Wheat Dosa Is A Perfect Breakfast Meal (Video)

Diabetes diet: Try this delicious whole wheat dosa recipe, shared by famous vlogger Manjula Jain, at home that will not only help manage your...

The Future Of Food: Can Lab-Grown Insect Meat Be A Future Food?

Given the harmful effect livestock farming poses for the planet, researchers have proposed plant-based diets, insect farming, lab-grown meat, and genetically modified animals as...

World Milk Day 2019: Theme, History, Significance And Recipes Of Milk

World Milk Day 2019: Today is World Milk Day, which is celebrated all over the world to mark the contributions of the dairy sector...

Children With Severe Eczema Are More Likely To Develop Food Allergies: Study

Young kids with serious eczema and infected with Staphylococcus aureus (SA), are more likely to have food allergies.Source Article

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