Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Holi Special: Kanji Vada, The Spicy Fermented Treat That Makes Holi Worth The Wait 

Besides the pop of colours and endless singing and dancing, Holi is also associated with sumptuousfood.Source Article

Fruit Butters: The Sweet Alternative To Nut Butters That You’ll Fall In Love With

Fruit butters have the same soft, thick spreadable texture, which can be consumed just like your regular nut spreads.Source Article

This Is How This Popular Summer Vegetable Juice Helps Burn Belly Fat 

The long, gloomy winters are finally a thing of past. And as we bid our final goodbyes to our cosy blankets and blazers, we...

Watch: Healthy And Delicious Tea-Time Snack Ragi Rava Dhokla Recipe!

Mumbai-based chef Ananya Banerjee's ragi rava dhokla recipe can be a great addition in the diet of anyone watching their weight. What's more? It's...

Tea Or Coffee- Which Is A Healthier And Better Breakfast Drink?

Both drinks are addictive morning stimulants and tea and coffee enthusiasts will never want to trade their respective preferred drink for anything else in...

This Diet May Reverse Symptoms Of Inflammatory Bowel Disease

A new study has indicated that a change in diet to one that mimicks fasting, can help IBD patients improve the symptoms of the...

Avocado Seeds Have Higher Antioxidant Activity Than The Pulp: Study

he study, conducted by researchers at the Pennsylvania State University (Penn State), has said that even the seed of avocado may have potential anti-inflammatory...

How Many Eggs-actly? New Shocking Study On Egg Consumption Sparks Debate

The reason for this confusion is a new study published in the journal JAMA, which says that consuming half an extra egg per day...

Your Coffee Cheat Sheet – The Most Popular Coffees Explained

Coffee Guide: Large coffee chains, cosy cafes and a growing interest in home brewing have seen an explosion in the types of coffees that...

Velveting Chicken: Easy Technique To Make Chinese Takeout-Style Tender Chicken At Home

We are here to reveal a cooking technique that gives you a perfectly tender and smooth quality to the chicken in Chinese food. 'Velveting'...

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