Thursday, June 27, 2019

High Protein Diet: 6 Things To Add to Your Own Vegetarian Protein Bowl 

Protein is an essential macro-nutrient, crucial for muscle building. They also help keep you full.Source Article

Summer Diet: These Hydrating, Detox Drinks With Watermelon Are A Must-Try

Watermelon is used to create a string of cool beverages that not only reenergise us but also detox the body under the searing heat...

Diabetes Diet: 5 Ways To Eat Chia Seeds For A Healthy Diabetes Management

Diabetics should also include seasonal fruits and veggies in their diet, as they are rich in fibre.Source Article

Here’s How You Can Make Perfect Tadka For Traditional Curd Rice

If you have mastered the art of getting the tadka right, you can be a pro at making curd rice.Source Article

Food Neophobia Linked With Increased Risk Of Heart Disease, Diabetes: Study

A new study has shown that food neophobia may lead to poor dietary quality and may even increase risks of chronic ailments.Source Article

This Weight Loss-Friendly, Low-Carb Summer Snack Is An Ideal For Dieters

One of the best aspects about lauki is that it is a super versatile veggie. Read to know about this exciting way in which...

5 Delicious Protein-Rich Dessert Recipes To Make Your Diet Interesting

If you have a sweet tooth, but still want to lose weight, you may want to switch over to healthier refined sugar-free protein-rich desserts....

Summer Diet Tips: This Fizzy Milk Drink Will Make You Toss That Soda Can...

This drink is sure to quench your thirst in no timeNothing feels more relaxing than gushing down a chilled glass of fizzy drink on...

Weight Loss: Try This Creamy Grilled Sandwich Without Mayonnaise Or Cheese

Healthy Grilled Sandwich To Tame The Taste BudsHow we wish we could eat just anything that our heart desires. Our appetite hankers for creamy,...

Weight Loss: This Fibre-Rich Summer Salad Will Keep You Full For Hours

Salad For Weight Loss: This salad is brimming with nutrientsDuring summers, it is not only important to fuel the body with hydrating drinks, but...

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