Bizarre Beauty Tutorial Suggest Cutting Off Hair To Make Makeup Brush

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The world of makeup and beauty tutorials is a vast, strange one. In the past we have shown you 'hand' nail art and eggs being used a makeup applicators – but this latest video to have surfaced on the Internet is definitely the most bizarre one, by a long shot. In what is being dubbed as the "worst DIY ever", the video suggests chopping off your own hair to create makeup brushes.

Baffled? So were we.

The suggestion first appeared two days ago as part of a DIY tutorial video on an Instagram page called Five Minute Crafts. However, it went viral after a Twitter user shared it on the micro blogging website with the caption "this is the worst DIY I've ever watched."

Watch it below:

this is the worst DIY i've ever watched

– yeah (@malicioustaurus) October 29, 2018

Since being shared on Twitter, the video has collected 15.4 million views and thousands of perplexed comments. And though it appears to work fairly well as a makeup brush, the beauty 'hack' has definitely not impressed many people. While some have wondered why a woman would need to chop off her hair to create a makeup brush that she could just buy – there are inexpensive ones available – others have just cracked jokes.

She could of just bought a @wetnwildbeauty or @elfcosmetics brush for a $1 some things just don't need a DIY

– Ryah Jay (@blkunicornmua) October 31, 2018

I'd cry if I would cut my hair like nothing

– S (@sairaax3) October 31, 2018

So why did she cut off so much to use so little

– Hilary Banks (@girlsloveabaja) October 30, 2018

If you can afford an eyeshadow palette, you can afford a brush.

– Blank_One (@1DsAvenger) October 30, 2018

I'm no beauty guru but I'm pretty sure she could've just used her finger and it would've applied more evenly.

– (@codyblake43) November 2, 2018

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And just in case you were wondering – a dermatologist confirmed to Teen Vogue that using hair for a makeup brush is safe, as long as your hair is free of chemicals and styling products

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