Bikini must have cried when these actresses wore it!


Bikini must have cried when these actresses wore it! Bikini must have cried when these actresses wore them! Source : Press

So, Bollywood is full of Bikini Babes. The trend for actresses adorning a bikini started way back in 1967, with Sharmila Tagore. It is since then that it has become an additional 'flavor' to a movie! But probably not every actress who wears it, looks good in it. The 'Jinx' that all you need for a bikini is a hot body, has to be broken! Ladies, it takes a lot more! Check out some of the top B-town actresses who simply failed, and made us go all 'eww"' to their bikini avatar!

Alia Bhatt looked more like a teenager trying really hard to look hot in this 'Student Of The Year' bikini avatar! But she failed!


Seems like Amrita Arora's favourite, colour is 'Jaamuni' why otherwise would you ever choose such an icky coloured Bikini?


And we still don't believe the lady in this bad Dodger blue bikini is Deepika Padukone? Who could imagine, the elegance queen today, had once upon a time-worn such a shocking bikini!


Someone, please help us drown in the same ocean, where Esha Deol is seen flaunting such a bad bikini!


Poop Yellow Shade for a bikini and clearly visible half tanned legs, is what sums up Kajol's Bikini style in this one!


Just like her expression, we are scared to admit that this is Madhuri Dixit!


Dear Sameera, you need a stylist right away!


There are 'Fashionistas' and there are 'Pseudo Fashionistas', you decide after this picture which category does Sonam belong to?


Are you heading to Water Kingdom or some other waterpark with this Miss Sridevi?


Sure, these disasters have scarred us for life!

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