Bigg Boss 12: Here’s Why Salman Khan Picked Sreesanth As Khalnayak

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Sreesanth in a still from Bigg Boss 12

New Delhi:

Saturday's episode of Bigg Boss started with last episode's continuation – with Sreesanth's altercation with Deepak. From inside the kaal kothri Sreesanth kept taunting Deepak with his rude behaviour but he remained silent for then and later, when Salman Khan interacted with the housemates, Deepak, Surbhi, Romil and others lodged their complaints against Sreesanth to the show host. Salman Khan, who is aware of Sreesanth's misbehaviour on the show, began politely by asking if his behaviour has been cordial on the show. Soon after, Salman selected Sreesanth to be the khal-nayak and made him sit on the khal-nayak throne.

#DeepakThakur ne diya taana, kaha badi badi gaadiyon mein ghoomne wale chhote chhote logon mein se hain @sreesanth36.

— COLORS (@ColorsTV) October 27, 2018

Following Deepak's war of words with Sreesanth, Deepak complained that Sreesanth always discriminates between himself and the other contestants on the basis of status – he was accused of bragging about his wealth and his celeb status. Following this, Salman Khan pulled up Sreesanth for passing rude comments about his fellow contestants when inside the kaal kothri and said on the show that "There is no discrimination – rich or poor." Referring to Sreesanth's comment on Bigg Boss that now it's the "World's best show" from the "World's worst show", Salman also asked Sreesanth to change his mind-set and thinking and said: "How can you do that?"

[email protected] is leaving no chance to tease #ShivashishMishra for his sanchaalan in the captaincy task!

— COLORS (@ColorsTV) October 27, 2018

While Surbhi alleged that Sreesanth is scared of performing and losing, Deepak added to it and said he usually talks about his bank balance and throws tantrums in the house. Salman then pointed to Deepika and asked if she is Sreesanth's spokesperson for coming to his defence every time. Deepika apologised to every one for appearing to be shielding Sreesanth.

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Meanwhile, Sreesanth appeared quite stubborn with his responses to Salman and said: "Extremely sorry if it sounded wrong but not done anything wrong." Sreesanth started crying profusely in the washroom while Jasleen tried to pacify him but he just wouldn't come out of the washroom. Even Deepak arrived to calm him down but he just wouldn't come out.

Rohit Suchanti also lost his cool as he learnt the sort of comments Sreesanth and Karanvir had made upon his entry in the house. In rude words, Rohit threatened to hit Sreesanth with a shoe if he further comments on his sexuality. Rohit also did not spare Shivashish Mishra for mocking his sexuality and his choice of wardrobe picks – he was made fun of for wearing purple pants earlier this week.

[email protected] kyun hain chup @imrohitsuchanti ke itna bura bhala kehne ke baad bhi? Kya yeh unki koi nayi strategy hai! Jaanne ke liye dekhiye #BB12.

— COLORS (@ColorsTV) October 27, 2018

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