Bigg Boss 11: Lesser known facts about hot siren Arshi Khan


Bigg Boss 11: Lesser known facts about hot siren Arshi Khan Bigg Boss 11: Lesser known facts about hot siren Arshi Khan Source : Press

Bigg Boss 11 has been one of the controversial Television shows so far. With contestants entering into fights to the weird things they are doing inside the house, the season has garnered the audience attention. Coming back to the contestants, one such contestant who is constantly in news is the hot siren Arshi Khan. Right from the day, we saw her at the premiere night, she has been the one entertainer throughout. But did you know who is Arshi Khan? Well, let us tell you some interesting facts about Arshi Khan and her background.

Bigg Boss 11, Arshi Khan

  • Arshi Khan is a citizen of Afghanistan and her family shifted to Bhopal when she was 4 years old.
  • Arshi was introduced to the glam world when she started her career with theatre and made her acting debut with Tamil film 'Malli Mishtu' in 2014.
  • However, when films failed to give her the required name and fame, it was the nude photo shoots which brought her into the limelight once again.
  • She pasted Pakistani flags on her breasts in one of the photo shoots.
  • She grabbed the headlines in the year 2015 for her tweet regarding Pakistani cricketer Shahid Afridi. Arshi claimed that she was in a physical relationship with Shahid and was pregnant with his baby. The news was rubbished later claiming just to be a publicity stunt.
  • In 2016, Arshi claimed that she will strip if the Indian Cricket team wins the match in ICC T20 World Cup match against Pakistan.
  • She was said to be involved in two sex rackets but she rubbished tagging them as rumors.
  • She crossed all the limits when she stepped into a towel in the current season of Bigg Boss 11. She did this when her good friend Akash Dadlani provoked her to wear skimpy clothes.

Bigg Boss 11, Arshi Khan

Now that Arshi is firing up the Bigg Boss house, the audience must be happy as far as their entertainment dose is concerned. And not to forget today is Arshi Khan's birthday. So let us wish her a very happy birthday.

Bigg Boss 11, Arshi Khan

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