Bigg Boss 11: Dennis Nagpal to break up with Bandgi Kalra?


Bigg Boss 11: Dennis Nagpal to break up with Bandgi Kalra? Bigg Boss 11: Dennis Nagpal to break up with Bandgi Kalra? Source : Press

Ever since Bandgi Kalra and Puneesh Sharma's romance has been started in the house, Bandgi seems to be attracting more and more trouble towards her. Now speculations are rife that her ex-boyfriend Dennis Nagpal wants to break-up with her and that too on National Television. Shocking, isn't it? While interacting with a leading entertainment portal, Dennis said that "If at all I get a call from the Bigg Boss team, I may probably confront her and return back all the gifts and long letters she wrote to me. The audience too will come to know of all her doings and why she is suddenly behaving like this."

Earlier Bandgi said on Television that Dennis wanted to share her with someone else. To which he said, "I am someone, who is possessive. I am not very possessive, but decently possessive, jitna ek boyfriend ko hona chahiye. So saying things like I used to make her sleep with my friends is ridiculous. I used to get uncomfortable when someone used to touch her in a party. So going to this extent, I really don't know what has happened to her and why is she saying all these things."

Meanwhile, Bandgi and Puneesh's romance went to the next level when they decided to make up in the house. Their growing closeness irked the fans and other housemates. But despite Salman saying them to control them, they continued their romance. It was also said that Bandgi's father was hospitalized after seeing all these things on TV. Dennis also confirmed about the same and also said that her landlord will throw out of her apartment once she is out of Bigg Boss house.

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