Asset Or Arrest? Bihar Cop’s Poor English Lands Man In Jail

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A senior police service officer admitted that poor English is a problem among lower rung police officials


Poor knowledge of the English language of a Bihar policeman landed a man from Jehanabad in jail when the cop mistook a family court order for inquiry of asset as an "arrest warrant".

The family court had sent an order to inquire about the assets of Mr Kumar, but the local police officials mistook it for as arrest warrant. The man was freed the next morning as soon as police officials realised the mistake.

Neeraj Kumar, a resident of Makhdumpur Dih in Bihar, said he was arrested on November 25 from his shop, "thanks to the poor knowledge of local police officials, who can't even differentiate between a normal court order and an arrest warrant".

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"I made repeated pleas to the policemen that there wasn't any arrest warrant against me. My lawyer also talked to the police, but they were not ready to listen to anything. I was forced to spend a night in the lockup and produced in the court next day in handcuffs," Mr Kumar said.

Mr Kumar said when the judge of the court came to know about it after reading the family court order, he slammed the police officials and ordered them to release him immediately.

"A probe is underway into how Mr Kumar was arrested and action will be taken against those found guilty because this incident has put a question mark on the functioning of police," a senior police officer said.

Another senior police service officer admitted that poor English is a big problem among lower rung police officials.

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