Angela Merkel says she will step down as German Chancellor in 2021

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angela merkel Angela Merkel said, “Today it is time to begin a new chapter.” (file photo)

German Chancellor Angela Merkel said on Monday that she wouldn’t be seeking a re-election when her term ends in 2021. Her announcement comes at a time when a series of political crises and regional vote debacles rocked her fragile coalition.

Merkel had earlier informed her centre-right Christian Democrats (CDU) that she would not stand again to be the party chairman at a congress in December to make way for new leadership.

“Today it is time to begin a new chapter,” she told reporters at her party headquarters.

She said her decision to not seek re-election was aimed at allowing the government to focus on the tasks ahead, and it will also allow her party CDU to prepare for the future. Merkel also said that she needs to evaluate the coalition this midterm.

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with inputs from AFP and Reuters

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