Air India Grounds 2 Pilots After Aircraft ‘Descends Rapidly’ In Hong Kong

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The incident took place on October 20. (Representational)

Air India has grounded two pilots after an aircraft they were flying "descended rapidly and deviated from the normal glide path" at the Hong Kong International Airport runway, news agency ANI has reported.
The aircraft had triggered a Ground Proximity Warning System alert, the agency adds.

The incident took place on October 20.

In the same month, an Air India pilot and his co-pilot were taken off roster when the pilot flying the Boeing 737 hit a brick wall at the Tiruchirappalli International Airport in Tamil Nadu. The Dubai-bound plane had 130 passengers on board. And despite the audible and obvious collision, the pilot apparently saw no reason not to continue on, said reports.

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Another failed landing due to deteriorating weather at New York's John F Kennedy International airport turned out to be a nightmare for the Air India pilot in September.

The Air India's flagship flight, AI-101, had 370 passengers on board. They had been flying for more than 15 hours on the non-stop service from New Delhi, among the longest flights in the world. Moments before touchdown, the tower at Newark Airport sounded out an alert and said AI-101 was flying too low on its approach. 90 seconds later, the big jet was on the ground, approximately 38 minutes after the in-cockpit crisis first occurred.

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