Adaa…enjoying her single status??

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Adaa…enjoying her single status?? Adaa…enjoying her single status?? Source : Press

Surprisingly Adaa started with negative roles in most of her television shows but she is very positive in her attitude." I never get affected by my negative role at all. I shed all my negativity on the sets itself and remain really positive in my real life." Adding being a reclusive being she says, "I love to be all by myself. After finishing Comedy Bachcho I enjoyed living confined to the four walls of my house. I love to be away from the lime light. I am not glamour struck at all.”

However Adaa loves to be termed as Sexy, "Yes of course, surprisingly, I will be looking sexier in Nagin-2. .[isse show min mujhe bahut sexy dikhlaya hai] I have received loads of compliments about looking and being, Sexy. I may love this term but I do not get carried away by such compliments."

Well! According to media reports after breaking away from her long term boy friend Ankit Gera who was said to have double timing another actress Roopal Tyagi. Since then Adaa has been single. "Yes! I am single, last time too you guys asked me the same question. Undeniably, my answer is the same I am single and not ready to mingle." Enthusiastically we quiz her the reason, Is it once bitten twice shy for Adaa? "I am not planning to get into any relationship. It would not be too much if I say I have turned total workaholic. I do not intend to get into relationship and lose my happiness. Right now, I can work according to my wish. There is no point in getting into a relationship which often brings in stress and miseries. I am happy on my professional front also have no time for anyone at all."

After so much being said and talked about the serial, we can't wait for Naagin 2 to be out soon.

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